Last weekend I was fortunate enough to travel to Chicago where many years ago I went to all 3 and half years of my high school experience-go Willowbrook Warriors! Thanks to great people at LifeLock I did my Sporting News Radio show live from the track on Saturday morning along with my partner Vicki. Friday started early as we went out try to get some advance audio and check out where we would do the broadcast from. sewelltrash

This guy was assigned to our car at the last minute, 5 people in a rental sedan is no party. Friday went well and thanks to all at the Chicagoland Speedway for making it easy. Saturday morning came early but we didn’t have flag guy in our car either. Broadcast went well. I was ready to hit the campgrounds and hook up with friends. Three RV’s full, now that is the way to party. I had lunch, got my tickets to the race and was ready to hit it the campground when the folks at LifeLock asked Vic and myself to interview the super charming singer Jessie James. RV trip delayed, out to the fanzone we went.
Here is Vic and myself interviewing the super charming Jessie James. The good thing about being on stage with two attractive women is nobody even looks at you, not even the women.
Here is Jessie singing the National Anthem before the 400.

With that task complete it was off to the campground, confidentiality agreements prevent photos or written descriptions from being used here. The following day it was off to Wrigley Field. I went with JR from the old JR and the Race DR show. We had great seats-thank you Night Watchman! On the way to the seats we saw Kurt Busch standing right in front of us getting ready to throw out the first pitch. Kurt was great as always.
Here he is with the ball. Kurt did a good job throwing out the first pitch and later nailed it singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”. Cubs won, Cardinals lost, all in all a good end to a great weekend. Thanks to LifeLock, Sporting News Radio, The Movie Underground Friday’s at 8 in the East on WGN America, Chicagoland Speedway,, Portillo’s, JR, Ross Grierson, Bob Weil and your crews. Ryan Newman, Kurt Busch, Pete Pistone, Jeff Gluck, Carl Edwards, Dehm and Kelly and everyone they know.

Monday July 2oth look for my preview of the Allstate 400 at the Brickyard.