AUGUST 24th, 7:30 ET on ABC-TV

½ MILE, 36 Degrees of Banking

Nothing gives you more drama than 43 cars on a high banked (36 degrees) short half-mile track.  Add to that the fact that drivers only have 3 chances left to lock into the Top 12 Chase for the Cup and you have all the action you need on a Saturday night. Bristol Motor Speedway is one of the best places on the circuit to watch a race and when you factor in the implications of this race, it IS the hardest good race ticket to get, bar none. 164,000 lucky fans will be gathered this Saturday in Thunder Valley to watch what the track describes as “racing the way it ought’a be.” And they are right! This is racing the way it should be, especially as the regular season winds down. If there are any simmering tensions out there amongst the drivers, and there are, they may well get settled Saturday night. Tensions that do not currently exist may get established here and have to be resolved later in the season. Short track=short tempers. High banks=short tempers and high anger. This is always a fun race and with championship eligibility on the line, it makes an event not to be missed. And to add to the drama more work has been done to reduce the “progressive banking” that was added when the track was repaved making it more like the old Bristol. As Ford has won six races at Bristol in the last ten years this could be Ford’s best chance to notch another win for the year. But the last Ford win was this race in 2008. Kyle Busch has won here four times in the last nine races since that Ford/Carl Edwards win AND Brad Keselowski has won two races here. It won’t just be a Ford vs. Toyota showdown because Chevrolet’s driven by Kasey Kahne and Jimmie Johnson have found victory lane since the last Ford win. Who will dominate?  We’ll know Saturday night.


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