June 17th, 1PM ET on TNT TV

2 Miles, 18 Degrees of Banking

NASCAR returns to the track that Roger Penske built in a beautiful area of Michigan about 70 miles outside of Detroit (otherwise known as the Motor City). Is it important to win a race in the backyard of the auto industry? You bet it is!  There is nothing like winning a race on your own home turf. Unfortunately though, a Chevrolet hasn’t been in Victory lane very much in the last ten years – the Bow Tie boys have only won three times in last 20 races. In that time six Dodge’s and eight Fords have found Victory Lane. In fact Roush Racing has won seven times in the last ten years, making it not just a track dominated by Ford but a full blown “House of Roush”. But even though they have more wins than any other owner they have not been in victory lane since 2008. Toyotas on the other hand have found victory lane four of the last five races. This track is wide enough for easy passing but sometimes the demands are very tough on motors as well as the nerves of the drivers. So many times fuel mileage has been a big factor in winning these races –will it be again? We’ll know on Sunday.

Tuesday look for our Top 10 teams and Thursday we’ll rank the Top 30 drivers for Sunday.