Check out the RACE DR throughout the year on SIRIUS-XM NASCAR RADIO CH 90. The favorite haunt of the Race DR. is Mojo Nixon’s Manifold Destiny on Monday nights usually in the 11PM hour, Charlotte time. Check out the Race DR as he gives his picks for the upcoming race inside the Mojo Dojo.



  1. I didn’t hear all the program last night but you were correct. F1 has not refueled during the race for the last two years

  2. Bob,

    Thank you so much for listening and writing in.Since it is a NASCAR show I figure we don’t need to discuss F1. I do love it and thought the fuel point relevant. I have to much respect for Buddy to contradict him on the air and I let it go. Thank you for noticing and acknowledging. I think it shows how difficult and dangerous it is to fuel during a race. Cab you imagine how dangerous it would be if NASCAR fueled at pressure like INDYCAR? Wow, that was the original question. Anyway thank you again for listening and even more so for taking the time to write.

    Dave Ross

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